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China's valve industry information exchange in 2018
- Oct 19, 2018 -

China's valve industry information exchange in 2018

China Valve Information Network News:

On August 24th, China General Machinery Industry Association Valve Branch held the 2018 valve industry information exchange and publicity work meeting in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. NEWSWAY VALVE participated in the meeting as the vice chairman unit of the valve association.

At the meeting, the China Valve Association informed the economic operation of the valve industry in 2017. The report shows that the overall operation of the valve industry is developing steadily and the backbone enterprises are running smoothly. Song Yinli, secretary general of the China Valve Association, gave a report on the valve market and new product development direction. He pointed out in the report that all enterprises should pay close attention to quality management and pay attention to product quality. At the same time, he pointed out the lifetime warranty of products proposed by NEWSWAY VALVE. It is a model of our industry, and their pursuit of quality is worth learning from industry colleagues.

At the meeting, representatives of outstanding enterprises made experience sharing at the meeting; Wang Mingming, director of the Information Department of China Valve Association, discussed the association's propaganda work experience and exchanges with various member units. At the end of the meeting, in 2017, the excellent statistician of the valve industry made a commendation, and the employee of NEWSWAY VALVE, Mrs Li SUIKE was awarded the honorary statistician of the year.