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Marine development is an emerging field compared to terrestrial economic activities. In addition to the traditional marine fishery, marine transportation and sea salt industry, due to the development of modern science and technology, the ability of human beings to understand the ocean and develop the ocean is constantly improving, the scope of developing the ocean is expanded, and new resources are discovered, and economic activities in new fields are discovered. A series of emerging marine industries have emerged, such as seawater aquaculture, marine oil and gas exploration, marine recreation and tourism. There are also some marine economic development activities in the process of industrialization, such as seawater desalination and seawater comprehensive utilization, marine energy utilization, marine drug development, new use of marine space, and deep sea mining.

With the development of offshore oilfield exploitation, the amount of marine platform valves produced by NEWSWAY VALVE has gradually increased. The offshore platform needs to use a shut-off ball valve, a check valve, and a multi-way valve;