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The Special Alloy Gate Valve Products Produced By NEWSWAY Valve Were Successfully Completed
- Oct 19, 2018 -

The special alloy gate valve products produced by NEWSWAY valve were successfully completed

China Valve Information Network News:

On October 15, 2018, the special alloy gate valve products developed and produced by NEWSWAY Valve Company were successfully delivered.

During the implementation of the project, the company's R&D department's main innovative technologies in the gate valve are as follows: 1. Using special alloy materials, the alloy has excellent anti-high temperature and excellent corrosion resistance, and can be applied to sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and hydrofluoric. Acid and dilute hydrochloric acid, caustic alkali, sea water and hot chloride salt solution; Second, based on the particularity of the alloy, the process department optimizes the welding process parameters, improves the quality of the welding, and overcomes the welding difficulty of the alloy material. High technical barriers. During the implementation of the project, the production department emerged a large number of skilled craftsmen, 26 technical innovations in machining, welding, assembly and inspection, and 52 small reforms, which were summarized as the company's machining, assembly, inspection, etc. The link has accumulated valuable experience and made outstanding contributions in terms of technological improvement, energy saving and consumption reduction.

The successful completion of the project fully reflects the company's technical strength and production and processing capabilities as a state-level enterprise in new product development. The company will increase the research and development of new products based on the "China Special Valve Key Laboratory", "Wenzhou Special Valve Engineering Technology Research Center", "National Enterprise Technology Center" and other technological innovation platforms and advanced processing and inspection equipment, as NEWSWAY VALVE products. Going to the world and becoming a hundred-year national brand unremitting efforts.