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In wastewater treatment facilities, valves manufactured by NEWSWA VALVE are widely used to control the flow of media or completely shut off the flow of media.

There are a wide variety of valves used in water treatment projects, most of which use styling products. If there are anti-corrosion requirements, use the chemical valves produced by NEWSWAY VALVE. If there are special requirements, they can be designed separately and manufactured separately.

According to the type of medium, the valves used in the wastewater treatment plant include sewage valves, sludge valves, clean water valves, gas valves, oil valves, and the like. From the function points, there are globe valves, flow control valves, check valves, safety valves, etc. From the structure, there are gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, angle valves, etc. The most basic parameters of the valve are the flow diameter and the working pressure of the medium.

The following are some of the valves commonly used in wastewater treatment.

Gate valve: The flow medium of the gate valve can be clean water, sewage, sludge, scum, oil or gas. Its circulation diameter is generally 50~1000mm, and the maximum working pressure can be 2~4MPa.

Butterfly valve: Butterfly valve is the most widely used valve in wastewater treatment. Its circulating medium includes sewage, clean water, activated sludge, and low pressure gas for aeration. Its maximum flow diameter can exceed 2m

Ball valve: The ball valve is characterized by a spherical shape with a through hole in the middle of the valve. The opening and closing mode of the valve and the butterfly valve are the rotation of the valve core. When the axial position of the through hole is parallel to the square of the flow of the medium, the valve is fully open; when the position of the through hole is perpendicular to the direction in which the medium flows, the valve is fully closed. Therefore, there is no obstacle in the pipeline in which the medium circulates, even if there is muddy silt when it is closed, it will not hinder the reopening.

Conical mud valve: Conical mud valve is mostly used for sedimentation in the sedimentation tank or aeration tank. On the static pressure type suction dredge, the conical mud valve is used to control the flow of the working sludge. The opening and closing mode of the conical mud valve is the upper and lower translation, and the valve plate is connected with the screw, and generally adopts a bright rod spiral, electric or manual opening and closing.

Check valve: at the bottom of the pump and in the blower room of the wastewater treatment plant. In order to avoid backflow of water or media entering and exiting, install a check valve at the small water gate or air outlet of each pump or blower.