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Water treatment includes: sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. In some places, sewage treatment is further divided into two types, namely sewage treatment and reclaimed water. Commonly used water treatment agents are: polyaluminum chloride, polyaluminum ferric chloride, basic aluminum chloride, polyacrylamide, activated carbon and various filter materials.


Commonly used sewage treatment technologies are biochemical methods: Activated Sludge Process,  Fixed Biofilm Processes, Combined Biological Processes etc. Physical chemistry: Granular Media Filtration, Activated Carbon Adsorption, Chemical Precipitation, Membrane Processes etc. Natural treatment: Stabilization Ponds, Aerated or Facultative Lagoons, Constructed Wetlands, Chemical color Coss resin treatment method. Nanofiltration membrane separation principle.


The water treatment valves produced by NEWSWAY VALVE usually include: sewage valves, sludge valves, dosing valves, clean water valves, low pressure gas valves, high pressure gas valves, safety valves, oil valves, etc. The functions of these valves include cut-off, check-off, control flow, safety protection, etc. The structure includes gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, angle valve and cone valve. The driving methods include manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.